Report on iNkandla Security Upgrades

A Report on iNkandla Security Upgrades as released by the Ministers of the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security cluster on 19 December 2013,was largely unappealing and lacked a lot of detail pertaining the the iNkandla security upgrades for President Jacob Zuma.

The R 206 million, tax-funded security upgrades to President Jacob Zuma’s private iNkadla residence seems to be a thorn that wont go away. The public protector, Thuli Madonsela, is expected to release her own report on the same  issue early in 2014. Which we expect to be later than that for political reasons.

iNkandla Security UpgradesAn initial report on the upgrades by the Department of Public Works was classified as top secret by the its minister, Thulas Nxesi amid fears that if known, might be dangerous for the safety of the President.

There were hopes that the report is should be released to calm the nerves of the media, that the report will detail key issues that cause one to ask the question “What upgrades would cost R 206 000 000?“. We also hope that the report will clear the President, and government in general of any corruption or fraud allegations pertaining to this project.

In summary Ministerial Report on iNkandla  cleared President Jacob Zuma of any wrong-doing or involvement in the project. It detailed that the Department of Public Works, consulted with the South African Police Services (SAPS) on what will be necessary for a security upgrade. 

Questions on the preposterous budget necessary for this project were posed; DoPW Minister, Thulas Nxesi gave suggestions that the mater will be dealt with internally and if any misappropriation is found; disciplinary processes will follow.

This matter, which the DA is using significantly to gain new support will definitely be a thorn in the eye of the ANC, seeing as the elections are drawing near.

Thuli Madonsela Report on iNkandla

The Report on iNkandla Security Upgrades by  office of the Public Protector; Thuli Madonsela was released in a detailed 300+ page report.


To the relief of many ANC and pro-government supporters; Thuli Madonsela found that the President was not involved in the project and that no signs of any misdeeds on the side of the Presidency are apparent. She also found that DoPW and the Security Cluster should relook at the process it took to implement this project and consider changes in implementation.

Report on iNkandla Security Upgrades

The public protector recommended, that the President and his family “unduly benefited from the security” upgrades to the home and that the President and his family should pay back a portion of the expenses incurred. These “additional” items amounted to over R10 million.

Response of the Presidency on Report on iNkandla Security Upgrades

The report of the public protector gave the president 30 days to respond to the report. However, the president sent a letter to the Speaker of Parliment stating that the The Department of the Presidency is unable to report on the isssue as it is awaiting the report of the SIU (Special Investigative Unit).

The President will use, the collective information in these 3 reports in order to form his response. The response of President Jacob Zuma on Report on iNkandla Security Upgrades is expected in July 2014.

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